Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Ditka and Animal NEWS

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DITKA! The old man is now 16 years old. I never thought he'd make it this far, but he's doing well, considering his condition. He's still happy and smiling. He even made the long road trip with us last night - one of his favorite places is in the car!

Here are the next batch of broilers and turkey babies. They will be heading out to a crate on the pasture this weekend. A big step for them!

Here are our youngest egg layers - some Production Reds and my Buff Cochin Bantams. Ridiculous mini-chickens.

Laverne and Shirley are still not too sure about the latest additions, and Atlas and Goliath came over the check them out. We drove down to a town called Karval last night and picked up 6 more sheep! HURRAH!

I've already named them all. I can't help it. These are Dorper/Suffolk crosses. Meet Daphne, Velma, Lucy, Ethel, Gertrude and Penelope! These girls were born in February, and they are our new batch of mommas!