Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy House Anniversary

We've been in the house for a whole year now! We've raised chickens and turkeys, bought some sheep and had two ram lambs born. We've adopted 2 Great Pyrenees, and temporarily, a third German Shepherd. We've build chicken crates, a chicken house, nesting boxes, brooding boxes, and perches. We've put together a strawberry/raspberry patch, a fruit tree orchard, and a small garden. We bought 2 old Ford trucks, a reel lawnmower. Ditka and Grish are still with us, even in their old age. Hobbes hasn't gotten run over by a car or eaten by coyotes.

We've had ups and downs, but we're just getting started! Here's a short picture update for today. Happy Anniversary, House!

Here is our orchard. It's hard to see, but all those white things are the tree wraps around the trunks of the trees. 30 trees in all, surrounded by electric tape fencing to keep the sheep and horses from trying to eat them!
The square patch of dirt here is my garden in the making. Lettuces are growing, lots of things are planted, and this month, I get to keep planting more. Cantaloupes, watermelon, corn, pumpkins, squash... more and more seeds! I am going to cover with a hat mulch, one of these days...

Here is Atlas, being his usual watchful self.

And this is poor Goliath. He got neutered on Friday. No Goliath babies for us, and we are hoping it will chill him out a little bit. For now, he's off duty as he is not allowed to get wet.

This is Bandit. He's an Americauna - a breed that lays green eggs. Calling this breed flighty is putting it simply. Not at all as friendly as my Cochins, these guys panic at every thing. They haven't started laying yet, but hopefully they will soon.