Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leisure Wife

I heard this term years ago from my friend Amy. Her friend's husband got a job in Japan, but the company didn't have a role for her. They decided to take the assignment, even though she wouldn't be working - for the experience, etc. She coined the term "leisure wife". They didn't have any kids, so she wasn't a stay-at-home-mom.

So I guess, if I try to look at the bright side, I get to be a leisure wife, too.

This isn't an announcement I am prepared to make. I don't even want to say it, because somehow it makes it real. Like the (first) time I got bit by a dog. Saying it out loud made me cry - that man's best friend could do me harm. It was a hard lesson to learn. So I guess I need to say it.

I got laid off.

The job I've been bragging about at the company I thought was so great - well, they laid of 20% of their work force today. At a moment's notice. I think we knew there were some tough times ahead, but when I looked at the room of people who were being let go with me, I was truly shocked. It was worse than any of us imagined.

So like they say - it's a recession when your friend loses their job. It's a depression when you lose yours. I can't say we're destitute, but I wasn't planning for this. Believe me, Larry and I had other plans. So I guess now I get to take the mental list of all the little things that need to be done, and start tackling them. Along with my favorite friend - indeed.com. Maybe some good will come of this. I can start biking daily and maybe I'll lose those extra pounds. Along with tending to the farm - I can start working on the little projects that I never get around to, like staining the deck, weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, and maybe even learning how to sew. I'll consider picking up some part time work in town, along with my unemployment check. Hmm... I'm trying to see the silver lining, but right now, my ego is a little bruised. It's hard to think I was in the bottom of the pile - the least valuable employee, the easiest to let go. Maybe it had to do with seniority, it possibly had to do with pay level. But there's no crying over spilt milk, right? Time to find another cow...

I'm sorry to friends and family that I didn't tell you all directly. That I didn't at least send a tacky mass email. It's just too hard to talk about, and I really only want to say it once. And I wish I didn't have to say it at all.