Friday, July 18, 2008

Ditka - June 21, 1992 - July 18, 2008

Ditka, June 2008

Ditka, August 2007

Ditka, circa 2002

Ditka, circa 1994

To my Funny Face, Fuzzy Face, Silly Face, Pumpkin Face, Stinky Face, My Pretty Brown Eyes, D, Baby D, Stinker, Little Dog, Old Man, Ditka, I always loved you, I'll always miss you, life won't be the same without the littlest dog - my companion, my baby dog. Thank you for always giving, and for letting me know it was time. Take good care of Deklin, and save a spot on the couch for me and Hobbes. We'll see you again!

please post comments below with your favorite memories of Ditka. Thank you, for being his friends, for petting him, playing with him, watching him while I was away, and always knowing that he is a part of who I am.