Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Farmer's Market

Our town does a Farmer's Market on Thursdays. It's from 3 - 7PM each week. It costs $150 fee up front for the whole season, $5 each week as a booth fee and 7% of what you sell. It makes it hard to go - the fees, the timing - when we had day jobs.

I went last week to buy some produce and check it out. Since, you know, I'm not working, I thought I'd spend the time to support my local community. I found out a few things.

First of all, I found out that they are trying a Saturday Farmer's Market in our town. For this season, it's all free for the vendors! No fees, no percentage take. So of course we decided to go! I sold some eggs and chicken, and got a half a dozen people to sign up for our email list. It was great, I met some really nice people - people who are interested in supporting their local farmer, people who want to know their food has no chemicals or medications - and these people are my neighbors!

The second thing I found out... I actually like good milk. Anyone who knows me, also knows I don't drink milk. Ever. Since I looked at it under a microscope in high school, I have not been interested. I went to the market today, and I was next to the nice people from the Longmont Dairy. They give out milk samples, and I was hesitant and I warned them that I hate milk. I drank a glass, 1% no less, and I loved it! He sent me home with a half gallon and I drank more when I got home! He said the milk you get from that dairy is never more than 24 hours old when they deliver it to you! So I signed us up for milk and cheese delivery. YUM.

It's all good karma that goes around. If we support local, our local supports us. And I am not interested in raising cows - for meat or milk. I love our sheep and that's what I want to do. Sounds like our community is looking forward to it, too! I had a lot of folks ask about the lamb!

It was all around, a great day. I met some nice people, even bartered with a precocious 3 year old for some eggs. I brought Ditka with me, and he slept beneath my chair all morning, being very patient with the little ones who wanted to pet him. What a wonderful morning (aside from rushing around to get ready this morning!!)

I can't wait to go back!