Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rain Rain Rainy Rainy Rain

The weather out here in sunny Colorado can be drastically different from town to town. This is NOT like Michigan. Since I have been home on sabbatical - I've seen a storm roll through, probably 70% of the days I have been home. I have sat and watched storms to the north and storms to the south. We've had lightning and thunder. and NO RAIN.

The other day, Larry was all excited.
"What was that?" he asked.
"Thunder, the thunder that lies," I replied.
"Oh sweet! We're going to have rain" He says
"No," I reply, "It's going to look like rain and sound like rain, but the rain will blow north and we may get some teasing drops, but we won't get rain."

I was right. Today, I even closed up one side of the chicken house to give them shelter. It's DARK out there. The kind of quiet and dark in Michigan that begs of tornadoes to come. I see the dark clouds, looming to the north, quietly rolling over the foothills. I see the lightning, I hear the thunder. I see no drops. NOT on my land!

So to play games with Murphy or whatever, I took my water buckets and watered the dying plum. I watered 2 plants in the orchard that had wilting leaves, for whatever reason. To really push my luck, I should do a load of laundry and go hang it out on the line, or turn the water on in the garden and the strawberry patch AND the orchard. Maybe I should drag a chair out back, put on a bathing suit and pretend to sun bathe, or start washing the car. I don't know what it's going to take. We haven't had rain in a month, and the last two weeks, I have watched the storm clouds literally split in two over Long's Peak and curl north and south, and leave Berthoud completely dry. It's ridiculous.

See what happens when I complain? We got a BIG thunder storm, a lightning strike that hit VERY close to home, short little power outage, 7 very scared dogs all trying to crawl up under me. And very LITTLE RAIN! COME ON, I don't need all the theatrics! I just want the WATER!