Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacations are out of the question

There will be no more vacations. It's too stressful for me to leave the farm. Though we have great friends and neighbors who help us when we are away, things still happen. It's no one's fault at all. No one did anything wrong. It's the difference between living on a farm, and house sitting on a farm.

But things did happen. LIke the batteries died on the timer in my garden. I don't know how many days my garden didn't get watered because the timer was dead. And I won't even go into the issue that really ticked me off, but we'll deal with that one.

Here's the one that really kicked us in the pants. A circuit blew in the barn. No idea how or why. Could have been a mouse chewing through cords. Could have been the electric fence shorting out on a wet dog. Could have been a million things we'll never know about. But it happened. It still could have happened while we were home. But if it had, we would have found it in a day. There's a little ticking noise the electric fence charger makes, plus the orange light on the freezer in the barn. Larry and I would have easily missed those things. We see and hear them daily. Someone who doesn't live here wouldn't notice, not unless they were told to look. But alas, it happened. And the consequence was a freezer with no electricity. 25 pounds of lamb left to rot in the barn. What a complete waste. Because we weren't home. So that's the lesson I learned.

No more vacations for us. It's just that simple. Too bad we already have tickets for a wedding in Virginia soon - I won't enjoy the trip, that's for sure.