Sunday, August 17, 2008

Goliath wants to be a house pet

But I don't want to be in the barn...

I prefer sleeping in the house!!

This dog is mounting a full-on campaign to be an indoor dog. It's not a joke. He's putting in every effort he can think of to convince us he deserves to live in the house. It might have something to do with his big brother sometimes not wanting to put up with him anymore. But I'm not convinced, Atlas might just be playing along to help a brother out.

I think his first attempt was his utter dirtiness. Even on cold days, he goes straight to the stink pond and jumps in, turning his white coat black, everything but his face. That means we have to drag him in for a bath and keep him in the house until he dries. That gets him in the house.

Once in the house, he puts on the cute face, and starts pawing you, and rolling over for belly rubs. Those big amber eyes looking at you like, "see how cute I am? Don't you just love me?" It's hard to resist that face.

Just this past week, he somehow got the idea that snuggling with me on the couch would be a good idea. He must have seen Ditka do it, but Ditka had special exceptions. This guy had the nerve to put both of his front paws on the leather couch next to me and try to jump up. NOPE, I can't let it happen. No matter how much I want to snuggle with that cutie pie, I can't let a 100 pound dog on the furniture. Total mayhem would ensue. He tried that three times.

Since we had an awful rainy weekend -Michigan kind of rain, we decided to let the pups sleep one night in the house. (didn't hurt that there were loose chickens in the barn, awaiting their destiny the next morning, didn't need the dogs making them into a midnight snack) Goliath tried to climb up into the bed with me! Boy, after a cold rainy day of being outside plucking chickens, he would have been warm to snuggle up to, but no, can't let a 100 pound dog into the bed either. And he just stared with those big amber eyes. He's working it, that's for sure, and he picked the right human to work it on.

This morning, possibly his best maneuver yet... he saw Larry playing fetch with the house dogs. Hobbes sometimes plays along, and Goliath found great fun in chasing Hobbes, as he was chasing a ball. Then he figured it out, and tried playing fetch too. He's working that angle as best as he can. I asked Larry, "How long to you think it's going to take for him to convince us?"

He replied "NEVER"

Love ya, Goliath, but you still have a job to do!!