Saturday, August 30, 2008

posts may be few and far between

I have some really cool pictures to post. Of our big fun turkeys. And of our bantam Buff Cochin rooster crowing (it's so funny, he's so little!)

We also have 5 new sheep (Alice, Carol, Marcia, Jan and Cindy). And I'd love to share the pictures.

Not that I can't do it at all, obviously I am logging in somewhere. But my laptop died. It's been trying to boot now for about 30 minutes. I have over a year's worth of farm pictures and files on there. I have financial data on there since before I got married. I have pictures of every Halloween party I ever threw.

I must find a computer magician to pull these things off for me, to save them for me, and post them to a nice new shiny hard drive. One that doens't buzz and whine and make funny clicking sounds.

So, in short, without my precious system, and all the computer gadgets I find holy in this world, there will be fewer posts from me. Sigh. Eventually, we have to say goodbye to everything!!