Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too many goodbyes

When you live on a farm, sometimes things happen. This morning, we said goodbye to Bandit. Bandit was one of our Americauna chickens, they lay green eggs. I call them 'Caunas for short. Since we only had 4 of them, and they lay green eggs, it's easy to tell when there are issues. One of them has been laying blood covered eggs on occasion, and sometimes it makes you worry.

This morning, Larry came in and said "I need your help, I think we have a Cauna with a prolapsed uterus"

Yes, sort of gross. But it happened to us before with one of our Production Reds. I noticed something red hanging from her rear, and thought that she may have been bitten by a critter, or damaged in some way. When I picked her up, I discovered that her innerds were now her outerds - an there was an intact egg inside. Her uterus was hanging out! We grabbed some betadyne, and Larry carefully massaged the egg out of her - intact even! Her outerds quickly protracted into innerds again. We left her in a stall in the barn for a few days, assuming she might not survive. But she has, we don't even know which one she is anymore, she's happy and healthy and laying eggs with her friends.

So when I went to find the prolapsed Cauna, I was hoping for the same results. They are much more flighty and don't like to be handled, so this was going to be fun. But then I saw her, laying in the grass and thought I might be too late. I picked her up, and there is was. Not an egg in a uterus, but intestines. And they had feces on them. And they looked damaged. This was not something that she could heal from, and her death would be slow and painful, accompanied by other chickens pecking at her bits. We decided to say goodbye. I gave her a pet on the head, and she became breakfast for the pups.

Goodbye Bandit.