Friday, September 26, 2008

More animal updates

I love our sheep. OUt of the 11 we have now, there are 4 that allow me to pet them. Sometimes even give them hugs and kisses on the head. Next to me is Shirley, and the head in the corner is Laverne. These are our original sheep, we've had them for over a year, and they are very used to us. I am petting Lucy (although Atlas and Goliath are trying to get all my attention) Lucy is a doll, she's about 9 months old, and the hair on her chin and neck is still super soft, not coarse like it is on Laverne and Shirley. So I love to pet her. She closes her eyes when I pet her. Every night when I put them in the barn, I go in their stall and crouch down. Laverne, Shirley, Lucy and Velma inevitably come forward and let me pet them. Laverne and Shirley also try to chew on my fingers or my clothes. Most sheep breeders won't do this sort of thing. They also have hundreds of sheep. We have 11. And I like it this way. It's like having even more pets!

These are our Double Breasted Bronze turkeys. I asked Larry to get colored turkeys this year, because I think they are pretty. They grew a little slower than the whites. We lost a couple to crippling (well, we ate one before she suffered for too long) BUt these guys, man, they think the whole world belongs to them. In this picture, they have come into the back yard. They can safely eat their turkey feed back here without the sheep getting into it, but they poop everywhere! But just look at those Toms getting all puffed up, trying to show me how cool they are.

Speaking of turkeys... here are our baby turkeys in the barn. These guys will be ready to go just in time for Thanksgiving. We got the white ones again, I don't remember why. But even as month old chicks, the Toms are trying to strut their stuff. Little goofs.

Sherri asked for pictures of baby chicks... I need to get a picture of the group of them. But here is me holding one of my new chicks. It's an egg layer. A breed called an Ancona. When they grow up, they will be black with white spots. I'm so excited!! I like seeing new, pretty birds!

OH yeah, forgive the hair. It was Sunday, sometimes I don't crawl out of my jammies on a Sunday. A girl needs a break every now and then!!