Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sergeant goes home!

Sargie's mom is finally feeling better, and is hopefully on the road to recovery and we hope that road is a short one. She decided it was time to get her boy back, and she took him home yesterday afternoon.

I am wondering when it's going to hit me. Since July - we have gone from 7 dogs to only 5. Only 3 of them now in the house. I'd say things are quieter around here, and maybe they are. No more howling from Ditka (at 3AM when he'd get lost outside), Sergeant won't be here to tell the sheep just how disappointed he is that there is a fence in his way and he can't come play. But there are still Athena and Hobbes, Atlas and Goliath, and sometimes even Grish pipes in to express his feelings about this, that or the other thing. Plus there are talkative turkeys, sometimes confused sheep, one very loud rooster (and 2 quieter ones) and an entire pack of coyotes that are doing their best at providing me a sleep deprivation experiment. So even with one or two dogs going to better places, things will never be quiet on the farm.