Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some photo updates

Here are some of our sheep. Since this picture was taken, we bought a few more. But this clearly shows who the leaders of the pack are - or maybe they are just the adoptive mommies for all our new young sheep... Laverne and Shirley are leading the pack, followed by Pretty Princess Penelope, Daphne, Ethel ,Gertude, Lucy and Velma.

This is a close up of one of our Toms. He's holding his breath for us, to turn his face blue, in case that impresses us.

This is one of our bantam roosters. HA HA, they are so small. I need to upload a video of him crowing. It's like Peter Brady going through puberty, he tries so hard, but just doesn't sound very masculine.

This is Marie, our very friendly and agile barn kitty. Her sister is just as agile, but not so friendly. She keeps climbing on the roof of the barn (and she likes to do this when Larry is out of town. And I am afraid of heights and won't climb a ladder to go get her) They are young and light and have very sharp claws. If it is made of wood, they can climb it. And only until they get too high do they realize they are scaredy cats. But Marie stays close to the ground, because she likes to play with us, and the dogs, and the turkeys, and the baby chicks...

I hope this isn't creepy, but I found this picture in our camera, too. It was a nice shot of Atlas and Goliath together, and just happens that Baby D is in here too. Goliath and Atlas really really liked him and would follow him all over the pasture. Not sure if it was because he was their size when they were pups, or if it was how he howled when they tried to play with him. Either way, Ditka wanted nothing to do with these big dogs, but boy they sure loved him.