Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I just had to share this

I just had to post this. My good friend, and former roommate, Amy, took this video of the three dogs that I had when she lived with me. We discovered once I adopted Ally (who is part Husky) that sometimes, if I played the piano, or squeaked the right toy, she would start to sing, in that special Husky way. If we were really careful not to look, OR laugh... Hobbes would join in. That high pitched howl? That's no Ally, that's Hobbes! And Ditka joins in with his own beagle version of a howl. This was great fun. To the point I'd be laughing so hard that I could barely play piano at all. In this video, all I'm doing is banging on some chords to get them to keep singing. Ally would sing at the drop of a hat sometimes, but getting Hobbes to start and continue was really tricky. Ditka, howling... not such a rarity. Ring the doorbell and he'd get going, play chase with him in the yard, or stand on his favorite poop spot! Anyhow - enjoy the chorus that I used to have in the house.