Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Mouse Problem

Our mouse issue is getting worse. Much worse.

We started with caerfully placed traps. Places where we could close a door behind them and not worry about a doggie or kitty paw getting caught in it instead. We caught some mice. Great.

We got MORE traps and baited them with cheese. We continued to occasionally catch mice.

I first started hearing them in the walls. When i got laid off in June, and was home during the day, I saw one scurry across the floor and up and onto the mantle above our wood stove. Cheeky bastard. I got the cat and showed it to him. The cat said "eh" and left. I showed it to Hobbes, who began to chase, but did not catch it. Then I started seeing trails of poop in the laundry room. I still see trails, I vacuum the laundry room every other day and am amazed at the amount of poop. We still have traps, but the mice poop around them.

The mice have been eating the plastic inside my washing machine. I have now seen them inside my dish washer. They have been all over the house, except upstairs in the bedrooms (thank god) Our cat does nothing.

We bought ultrasonic noise maker thingies - that just drove them into different rooms. I plugged up holes in the laundry room walls with steel wool. They just push it out. We shouldn't get more house cats, because I am allergic and the one we have already sleeps on my head and has given me asthma.

I am seriously considering poison. The drawback is that if a poisoned mouse dies i the walls, the house gets stinky. But it's already stinky from mouse droppings and urine. If a poisoned mouse dies in the house and a dog or cat eats it - those pets die an horrible death. Horrible. I doubt the cat will eat an already dead mouse. But Hobbes and Grish (and Atlas and Goliath) all think that mousies from traps are a great treat. I don't want to lose my pets. Not like this.

I researched mouse control options. They talk about traps (snap, sticky, live) ultrasonic noise thingies, poison. They talk about putting all your food in sealed glass containers (we have lots, but not all in sealed containers - dog food and cat food are in plastic containers) they talk about cleaning and keeping things off the floor so they don't have places to nest and hide. OK, larry, I need some help with the house cleaning activities here! They talk about poison. They talk about exterminators - one charging hourly, PLUS $125 per mouse caught. Man, I bet we have HUNDREDs, that would be expensive.

I want to blow up my house and go live in the barn. They are INSIDE MY DISHWASHER. Come on!! I want to scream. I really really want to use poison. But I don't want to lose my dogs. But these mice have got to go. DAMN my allergies, but it's not good for me to be asthmatic, either. I hate taking allergy meds every day because of Schroed, but I don't know what to do. We brought Marie into the house, but she hissed and spit at Schroed. That wasn't going to be fun. Maybe I have to suck it up with my allergies and get more cats? But Larry doesn't want more pets to feed. I don't want a trail of mouse poop in my house anymore, either!! HELP!!!