Sunday, October 5, 2008


We have BABIES!!!

OK Let me back up a minute. I went out to the field today to collect eggs. All the sheep ran up to me, and I started to pet Laverne, who always lets me pet her. There are 4 who let me pet them (for now) and I always look to give each one a scratch on the head. So I found Lucy and Velma, too. Then I realized I didn't see Shirley. I scanned the field and didn't see her. Just then, Larry was coming home and I yelled at him to check the barn for her. I was really scared something was wrong.

Not a thing was wrong. She was in the barn licking clean her two brand new baby ram lambs. WHAT? We got her over a YEAR ago, sheep gestate for 5 months. There was no way this was a miracle birth - so where did she have access to a ram? Then it hit us... LENNY AND SQUIGGY! No way! Those little rascals had their way with their Aunt Shirley before they left. And now we have 2 more little baby ram lambs! Good going Lenny or Squiggy. We'll never know which one, but WOW! What a GREAT surprise! I guess not all surprises on the farm are bad ones! (and we just thought Shirley was fat!)

Introducing Charlie Brown and Linus!

Momma Shirley With her baby boys

Little Linus - born TODAY!

Little Charlie Brown - BORN TODAY

A momma and her babies!