Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Working on Natasha

Natasha, hiding in the rafters

SO, Natasha is our mean kitty. She was born under a porch and not handled (as no one knew she was there) much as a little kitten. She is very skiddish. It took her owners 3 days to catch her and be able to bring her to us. Her "sister" Marie is a very different kitty.

When we first brought her home, Natasha wouldn't come out of the kitty carrier. So Larry kind of dumped her out of it. Then he thought it was crazy - Marie liked us, Tasha should, too. So he cornered her, picked her up and was going to pet her and she was going to like it. She didn't. She bit him. He gave up on her. She decided to stay far far away from us.

They are about 12 weeks old now, somewhere around there. They need to get spayed soon. Marie isn't going to be a problem, but since we can't catch Natasha, she is.

Some evenings, when I take the dogs to the barn, I sit on their beds and I pet them. I close everyone in for the night and say my goodnights to the chickens, turkeys, sheep... and then I give the dogs some love. Usually, Marie will come over and climb on my lap during this (this leaves me in the tricky position of 3 pets, 2 hands... doesn't always bode well) But she will start to purr. If I sit very still... Natasha usually comes out of hiding. She will sit about 4 feet away from me, looking rather glum. I talk in a sweet voice to her, telling her I'm really nice and I can pet her too, and it isn't so bad, she might actually like it. I'm trying not to push my luck, she needs to come to me on her terms. She is pointy on 5 ends, I won't force anything.

But last night she came right over and sniffed my shoe. OH, I couldn't help it, I held still for a second, then I reached down and pet her. She ran off, of course, but only back to her spot 4 feet away. So I sat very still, and she came back - this time she sat right behind me. I couldn't even look at her, but I knew she was there. I was going to see what she might do next - which of course MAY have been attacking my hair (this is a favorite game of Marie's) - but then Larry came home, came down to the barn and scared her back away. I think this is going to take time and patience - and though we don't NEED her to like us, we do NEED to get her spayed, so I need to continue working on this...