Monday, November 3, 2008

Greenhouse in Process

We won't talk much about the plumbing, except to say, I am calling a plumber tomorrow. But here is a fun picture of the trench I got to dig. I know it isn't straight, that was intentional. We have a new hydrant near the greenhouse, and a teeny little tunnel that will eventually get filled in as soon as we fix whatever is leaking. Oops, I wasn't supposed to talk about it.

Here is the greenhouse as a skeleton, just in time for Halloween weekend. We got the posts pounded in last weekend or so. Larry had a couple of the ladies from the Boulder Rugby team come out on Sunday and they put up the bows, purlins, and started the baseboards. We will need the baseboards to be finished, and the hip boards, and we are on our way to having a green house.

Now, I was mistakenly informed that we didn't need a permit for this, as it is not a permanent structure. No foundation, no concrete in the posts - but I guess I was wrong. Our asshole neighbor took the liberty of calling the authorities on us. Fine, I'll take care of the permit, but isn't it fun to have asshole neighbors who have to watch everything you do and get into your shit all the time? Anyhow, I think the greenhouse looks cool and I can't wait to see it finished (and full of chickens)