Friday, November 14, 2008

November Picture update

Just some photos I took today. Here are our Thanksgiving turkeys. I was trying to get them in the barn, since, despite the clear blue skies, it was rather cold today. Instead, they decided to follow me.

Atlas decided to sit for a pose. But don't be fooled, he has his eyes on his sheep! And a nice new scar under his eye from Goliath. I am pretty sure he deserved it.

An even more rare opportunity to shoot a portrait of Goliath sitting still. That rarely happens outside!

Here is one of my Anconas, with a mystery bird. At first we thought it was an Araucana, or an Americana, but now I am trying to sleuth this out. I completely forgot that McMurray Hatchery gives you the option of one free, rare chick with each order. How could I say no? So this is my rare breed chick, I don't think it's an Aracauna - it doesn't have the tufty ears. So now I am looking ... Dominique? Silver Penciled Rock? Silver Pencilled Wyandotte? I don't know! As a baby chick it looked so much like an Araucana.. but not anymore... She's a shy one, though.

This is an Ancona Rooster. What a comb on this little guy! They are starting to really feather out well. They had little black specks as chicks, and started getting more and more black. Eventually, they will be mostly black, with just white specs, and they turn more every day! Fortunately, the hunter in the barn (could be Marie and Natasha) can't seem to catch these guys, like zebra stripes, it makes it hard for a predator to see shapes. My Buff Minorcas, all yellow, aren't as lucky. I don't even think there are any left, if there is, it is only one, and she is hiding under the manger.

I am going to keep the Anconas separated from the rest of the chickens and get myself a small incubator and try my hand at breeding them. I hope they are good layers, like the production Reds and Black Sex Links... But they have one thing going for them - their coloring seems to protect them from predators, so THAT I really like!

Here are Charlie Brown and Linus at a little buffet. They are so cute, and getting SO big. They are more flightly than their ancestors... Lenny and Squiggy. These guys don't want me near them, when Lenny and Squiggy loved attention and playing games. These two are just as goofy... and like to jump into the manger, too.

Since it was a windy, cold day, and we still have some green green grass in the yard, I managed to get all the sheep into our backyard for a little treat. They really liked some of the tall grass that I could never get to mow, and had some extra green stuff to chew on today.

OK, I found the video I took of our funny Bantam Cochin rooster trying to crow. All the production Red roosters are gone, so this little guy gets to make all the noise, but he still sounds like he is going through puberty... ENJOY!