Friday, November 28, 2008

Sheep in the Front Yard

OK, so I am never going to mow the lawn ever again. The pasture is pretty much done for the year, and the sheepies are hungry. We have hay that we bought that we will feed them with through the winter. But while there is still some real green stuff in the ground, we might as well let them eat it. So today, I sat on the front porch and baby sat the sheep while they grazed on our front lawn. You have to keep an eye on them, or they end up in someone else's garden.

Charlie Brown, Pretty Princess Penelope, Laverne and Shirley

A close up of Charlie Brown

Jean Claude Van Ramme and Jan

Laverne (background), Lucy and Shirley

This is the most boring movie ever. But this is what the sheep do all day. Granted, they rarely do it in the front yard where I have the pleasure of sitting on the front porch and just watching them. I do like them. Lucy came up close to investigate before I could get the camera turned on.

OH, and here at Atlas and Goliath. They are trying to convince me what good dogs they are. That they should get to stay in the house more often and see how nicely they can sit on the stairs, and see how well they get along? Please let us stay inside today? please? OK! darn it.