Friday, November 14, 2008

Sometimes we just get lucky

And it's great.

Larry dropped off eggs last night to the Wayside Inn, they are our only commercial customer, and probably our favorite. They love our eggs, and are patient with us when production goes down, like it is now that winter has hit and the girls are laying less and less every day. We gave them a big trash bin to collect compost in - they are giving us all their food prep scraps - like potato and carrot peelings and egg shells. That stuff will make the best compost ever. And it's a big happy circle - they give us the food scraps, we compost it, put it in our garden, and sell the produce back to the restaurant. They LOVED my lettuce, and I am dedicating a large part of our new greenhouse JUST for lettuce, JUST for them!

We meet interesting folks at the Wayside when we sit at the bar and wait for Deb to have a moment to pay us for our delivery. We met a fishing enthusiast named Mike, who hand carves ice fishing poles made from wood, in the shape of a duck. It balances, so you can set it on the ice, and if you catch a fish, the wings from the duck keep the pole from being yanked down the hole. Genius.

We also met Dan, who taught us about burping our turkeys. Yup. They burp. All the time, if you know what to listen for. He also does a great impression of strutting like a tom. He is full of stories and wisdom from his years of being around agriculture and safety (we had a long chat about industrial safety, he takes it as seriously as I do)

Last night, Larry met the owner of the Berthoud Bed and Breakfast. Jeremy cracked an egg for him, and he ate it raw. I guess he liked it. He wants to buy eggs from us too. He will also be a seasonal customer - in a good way - he wants more eggs in the spring, summer and fall - when the girls are laying like mad. Perfect.

So we need to finish our greenhouse ASAP and get our chickens in it. Because we are going to have baby chicks this winter. Having baby animals in winter is hard. It didn't work too well last year - but if we get all the adult chickens out to the greenhouse, process all the turkeys (next weekend!) and hopefully let those kittens know that baby chicks are NOT chicken mcnuggets - we'll have 125 MORE baby birds for the winter, so we can be ready to supply 2 commercial customers by spring, plus our regular individual customers. Boy, this is all shaping up for a successful future in farming. So... when do I get to quit my day job?