Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day

Turkey Day has a different meaning on Long Shadow Farm. Sure, we still celebrate Thanksgiving, and looking forward to it. But Turkey Day (actually a weekend) is when we process all the turkeys FOR Thanksgiving.

Things to be thankful for on Turkey day? Wonderful weather, friends, family and neighbors to come help out and learn about the farm, relatively cooperative birds, customers coming just in time to take the birds home as our freezer space is limited, and can I say how much I appreciate my scalder and my plucker? (best money I ever spent!)

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Here are some pictures from Turkey Day

The Turkey King. Fully processed, he came out to 32 pounds! Carrie and I had to carry him together, each holding one leg to get him to the scalder, to the plucker and then to the table. We didn't weigh him with his feathers on, and didn't weigh him with his feathers wet, I can just imagine!

We can't neglect the sheep on Turkey Day. They are hungry girls, as the pasture is full of dying grass. We let them into the back yard and garden to find some green stuff. I found some good tall green stuff in the strawberry patch. I would have let them in, but they would have eaten the strawberry plants, too.

Farmer Larry hard at work at the scalder. Some of these birds were too big for me to scald on my own, so Larry had to pick up some of my Turkey Day duties.

The Turkeys got to wander around all day in the yard with us. NOW I can see in the background, who knocked over my box of clips that I had to dig through the leaves to find. Silly turkeys.

Here are the Turkeys in front of the house. The Bronze Toms just won't quit when it comes to strutting their stuff. I didn't get a picture, but the Bronze Hen flew up into the bushes for a little nap - probably to get away from these Adonises.

Goodbye turkeys! You'll fill many bellies tomorrow, and the barn is a much quieter place at night without you. Until next year!!