Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Endwall WIthstood the Wind!

GSo we finished one endwall this weekend. We built it on the coldest, windiest day so far. It was so cold and windy, that with even another hour of sunlight to go in the day, we decided not to start building the braces for the second endwall. We called it quits once we finished one.

Then, a few nights later, we had a raging wind storm. It was blowing the dog door flap open on the flap that's INSIDE the house. (One goes from the outside to the garage, the second goes from the garage to the kitchen - and they are on 90 degree angles from each other... the kitchen one was flapping!) I thought there were windows cracked open in the house, it was so windy. It was pitch dark, there was nothing we could do, so I fretted all night at the mess we might find in the morning. We found this instead... all intact and just waiting to be completed....

This made me happy. From talking to the county clerk (who, by the way, thinks it's ridiculous that we need a permit, and said that, yeah, we must have an annoying, nosey neighbor) he did verify that we live in an area that can get wind bursts of up to 120 MPH. I have no idea how heavy that wind was the other night, but our greenhouse withstood it - and just an endwall by itself. Still no hip boards for extra strength along the sides, no second end wall for support on the other side, and no plastic to guide the wind up and over. But we're getting there... A little bit each weekend - hopefully it'll get done before it gets too cold for the chickens - but I am looking forward to the day we get to move them all into the house!

BTW - we have a permit now, so that's that for our nosey neighbor. Not sure what their major malfunction is, but you can't stop us. You may slow us down, but you can't stop us. We are going to make this farm work!