Thursday, December 11, 2008

Goliath Wants a Country Club Membership

Goliath is still working any angle he can to become a house dog. I think he wants into the club. He knows what's up - winter's coming and those house dogs get to sleep inside, sometimes on a bed with an electric blanket. He wants a piece of that. And he's working it all on me. He knows I'm soft!

Here is a picture of him where he usually hangs out now... in Sargie's doggie bed that we bought when Sergeant was visiting. It's near the couch upstairs where I have now parked my laptop. So he sleeps here in the evenings before dinner. Isn't he cute, all snuggled up?

But this is where he really tried to turn on the cute. I caught the guilty little guy trying to snuggle up next to the bed... in a dog bed that is way too small for him. He's got his butt planted in Ditka's old bed. You're looking at a 100+ pound dog trying to squeeze into a bed meant for a 30 pound dog. I still have the bed because Hobbes actually can squeeze himself into this bed. Goliath tried - but looked cute as heck for trying. This is on my side of the bed - so he's still trying to convince me he's a house dog and he should get to stay inside all the time.

I don't know if I have the heart to tell him, but he's still got to guard the sheep. He doens't get to retire to the house just yet!