Monday, December 15, 2008

Greenhouse Update

GWe're getting a little bit done each weekend. Larry's dad came over on Saturday to help us hang the big doors on the east side of the greenhouse. We almost completed the entire endwall, but a storm started rolling in, so we called it quits.

I was painting the unprotected wood before the freezing weather came on Sunday and I wouldn't be able to. One coat of primer done. If the sun shines this weekend, I'll paint it green like the other end wall. Green - for a greenhouse.

Larry is trying to hold the wood still, while connecting it to the frame, all while we are battling severe afternoon winds and just trying to get this stuff all together before the wind blows us over.

We had one solid work day this weekend, as we got snowed on Saturday night, followed by below-freezing weather. That does not constitute an outdoor work day. So this weekend, if the sun is shining, we'll put up the last section of this end wall, get the hip boards up and maybe start putting together the hard ware for the roll up sides. I can DREAM a big dream, can't I?? We are getting there. In the meantime, birds are all in the barn. We'll see if we can get them to the greenhouse before spring!!