Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Kittie Christmas

We took the kitties in on December 23 for their inevitable spaying. We had to wait until they were big enough for the surgery. They came home that evening, and since they were coming off anesthesia and in a bit of pain, they got to stay in the house. It was only fair. They have bare bellies, and just underwent major abdominal surgery. We now are left with the animals that CAN breed are the ones we want to breed - namely, the sheep, my "special" chickens and Atlas - who will someday, one day, have a girlfriend of his very own.

In the meantime - we have 2 kitties in the house where they can stay warm and heal before we take them back to the barn. Our friendly Marie has been adventuring around the house - almost climbing into bed with us last night. We also saw her wander into the living room last night with a mouse to play with. HOORAY MARIE!! Best mouse trap ever.

I am now in the basement this morning having some tea and checking my emails - the kitties tend to sleep down here, it's warm in the underground cave. Natasha, who we couldn't find all day yesterday (she was hiding under a couch) is less scared of me than she is of pretty much every other beast in the house. I've got the baby gate up so the dogs can't come to the cave. Since she feels sort of safe around me - both the cats are out this morning... and they are playing cat and mouse with a mouse.

I thought of running upstairs to grab my camera for a picture, but thought people might not like the sight of an almost dead mouse. Marie really likes to play with them - and Natasha got in on the act too. Though she had to make sure where I was before she would come out and play, and I am trying not to make eye contact with her. And I think I see their MO, now. Marie does the playing, until the little critters are too tired or too injured to run away... Natasha does the clean up. Yeah, she just wandered off with the little mouse to eat it. That's good... the last thing I need is for them not to clean up their toys!

So the extra bonus Christmas gift for me is the possibility that for a week or so, these little kittens are going to send a message to our mousies... GET OUT. The only problem will be - will I ever want them to go back to the barn? (My allergies are telling me YES!)