Sunday, January 18, 2009

January Picture Update

These pictures are all out of order, but I don't feel like moving them around. Blogger always drops them in backwards. I guess I should know better.

ANYHOW - it's like 60 degrees or something out here. As a Michigan girl, I keep asking when we are going to get winter, because this is outrageous! Anyhow, as my tulips are turning over in their beds wondering what they are supposed to be doing - we took advantage of the sun and our built-in dog park and had some fun in the sun!

Here, Larry is about to open the gates to the "park" - Athena is probably the most excited, because Larry has a frisbee in his hands.

He also had a soft frisbee for Hobbes, who is still sort of learning the whole fetch thing.

While we were out, the horses next door came over to say hi. This is Wiley - isn't he handsome? He couldn't get enough of being petted. Not sure if he liked it, of if he was just hoping I'd have some hay for him. Sorry big guy, I should have brought some carrots over, but we don't have any good grass on our pasture, either!

This is Larry petting Huckleberry Finn. Finn is still a young horse. He still thinks my clothes, and my camera are tasty food. Larry wants to ride him, but he's still too young.

Atlas was over at the fence having words with the horses. He was looking at me like "I'm not doing anything wrong" but he does bark at them. I don't think they like it, and I don't either, but he's doing his job, I guess. Finn looks very interested in Hobbes, who is hiding behind the tall straw. We can also see Bubba - Atlas is almost as big as him! ANd way in the background, you can see Picasso.

Here is our greenhouse - end walls, base boards, hip boards, and wiggle wire track ready to go. Next, we gotta put the plastic on! Anyone free next weekend to help? We'll probably need 8 people total...

This is little Lucy. She LOVES being petted, and will stand next to me for hours if I am petting her. Charlie Brown is sticking his nose in for some attention too. We're pretty sure our little Lucy is expecting, as she isn't so little anymore.

This is Goliath giving a check up on Lucy, Charlie Brown and Jan.

Here is Atlas out on the pasture. He has such a thick, heavy coat I swear he looks more like a lion than a dog!

Atlas is usually much happier watching over his sheep. he's here with Velma, Linus, Jan and Gertrude in the background.

Here's a quick video of our dogs playing in the pasture. You can see that Hobbes is working on fetching, Athena and Grish already know how, though Grish is slowing down a bit. The "pups" Atlas and Goliath just don't get it, but that's OK.