Friday, March 20, 2009

Any Moment Now

That's kind of a saying around our house these days, for many many reasons.

But one of them is that all 11 of our sheep are pregnant (yes, even Shirley, who just gave birth in September), and they could give birth at any moment now. I am hoping that they wait until Sunday, after we get a chance to clean out their stall! I'd like the babies to have fresh bedding.

Anyhow - here are some pictures of our pregnant sheep mommies.

This is Shirley. I have been worried about her. She gave birth to surprise twins in September. She lost a lot of weight very quickly - as she was nursing her boys right when the pasture was starting to fade for the winter. Her hips got a little bony, and I always made sure to try and give her extra oats when I could. I really did NOT want Jean Claude to get her pregnant again, to give her some time to rest. Larry came in the house the other day and said "you know how you've been so worried about Shirley losing weight? Well, she's so fat now, she looks like she's pregnant with TWINS!" I replied "That's because SHE IS!!" Larry doens't believe me, but I think she is. Her hips are still a little bony, and her utters - that her 6 month old boys don't need anymore - are filling back up. I think she's pregnant. Poor girl.

This is Velma. She's a character. I guess she wants to be king of the castle - or what was that dumb song we sang when we climbed to the top of a dirt pile? This is her hay pile - she just wants to get at the good bits. They've all gotten a LOT more vocal since they've gotten pregnant. 11 hungry girls who just want to eat, and the pasture is just barely starting to turn green now.

If ANYONE DARE take a picture of me from this angle, pregnant or not, they are going to lose an eye. Poor Daphne - not a flattering picture, but you can see how wide she is. I think most of our girls are carrying more than one lamb - Velma, Lucy and Penelope may only have one, but it's hard to tell on some of our shaggier sheep. But you can see that she is lumpy on both sides. The breeds we have - all Dorper crosses - some mixed with Suffolk, some with Katahdin - tend to give birth in 1's, 2's or 3's. So far, Laverne and Shirley have had twins. I think we have a lot more twins in our future. Still hoping Laverne has a ewe lamb so we can keep one - and round out our flock to an even 12.