Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keeping Track of the Lambs

We have 7 baby lambs now! Look at all of those little cuties!

In this picture, you can see... left to right: Trouble, Sparks, Ginger and Fred, with Daisy Maisy in the back, with her mom, Pretty Princess Penelope (just born yesterday)

Fred, nursing with Daphne, and Ginger checking out a water bowl.

Here is Gertrude, with her little Ram, Simon

This is Trouble and Sparks, who have discovered the heating pad!

This is Daisy Maisy, our newest little ewe lamb.

This is Ginger napping, with Trouble. Trouble was aptly named because we spent so much effort trying to get her mother to nurse her. Now, look at that face! She chases chickens all over the barn. She is Trouble!

This is Little Orphan Annie - Atlas adopted her and wouldn't let her mom, Lucy near her. So we had to separate the dogs from the sheep, and Lucy was so confused. We had to bottle feed Annie, and dry her off with some towels. Such a cold day for a lamb to be born. Once we got some energy into her, and her mom realized it was safe to come and find her...

Annie is now doing fine, nursing with mom.

And here is our own little Lamb, Shannon Elizabeth. She doens't have to sleep in a barn, doesn't have to figure out which one of the 11 ewes is her mom, and the dogs haven't adopted her yet.