Friday, March 6, 2009

A little break from farming

Well, the farming is never done, but we have had some other things to work on this year. It's OK to take a break and take care of us sometimes, too.

I let the dogs out this morning, and saw a silhouette on the tree. I ran back in to grab my camera, knowing this was no starling or robin, and caught a young falcon hanging out by our garden. I don't mind him around, especially since the barn was still closed up. He can catch as many mice as he wants. I just don't want him anywhere near any baby chicks!!

We spent a large part of the winter wrestling with our wood stove. Replacement parts, root cause analysis, and trying to just get the dang fans to work. We fixed it. The cat approves of toasty fires.

Here's the status of our upstairs. We finally decided to put the money aside to replace the carpet upstairs with hardwood floors. Hoorah. This is what the house looks like after we tear up carpet and padding. And after Larry decides "while we're at it...." we also tore up all the baseboard trim, doors and door jams! We have some work to do!

This picture shows Larry installing the first of our new bamboo flooring in the upstairs. But this picture isn't as much about the floor as it is about the nice big yellow thing sitting on the floor.

Once again, Kristin and her joy of buying tools has saved the day. Thank you, Dewalt, for bringing smiles to my husband's face. I got him a cordless driver for his birthday a few years back. That sucker gets quite a workout here on the farm. And it has served us well.

We discovered that the nail driver we were going to borrow from a neighbor to install the floors... required an air compressor. I, being naive, didn't think we needed nails for the floor, I thought it was a floating floor. I was wrong, but that's OK, it gave me the chance to go to Lowe's and buy another tool. This is a nifty little cordless nail driver, containing it's own mini compressor. This tool, too, shall get plenty of work out here on the farm. And it will get my hard wood floors installed a lot faster than hand driving nails. Larry is happy, he has a new toy. I am happy, too. The upstairs will be a show piece someday when we get it all done.

I swear I am the only person I know who does home repair in a turtleneck while drinking tea. I'd feel a little hoity-toity, maybe even metrosexual, except I've got tools scattered all over. I'm pretty sure the most dangerous words in this house are, "Well, while we are at it....." I can't help it. I'm a software engineer. When you are in the code, you might as well clean up all the ugly crap you see.