Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Lamb Pictures

The breakfast buffet is open! From left to right: Ewe Jan with lamb Angel, ewe Daphne with lamb Fred, and ewe Gertrude with lamb Simon.

Little lambs sleeping in the shade. L to R: Sparks, Trouble, Ginger and Daisy Maisy

Little Orphan Annie


Our big ram lamb, Simon!

Our newest lamb, a total surprise that she is all white! This is Angel - Jan's ewe lamb. That brings us up to 8 lambs. And it leaves us with Shirley, Laverne, Alice, Velma and Cindy left to give birth. Aside from Velma - I think the rest of those sheep are carrying multiples!

My friend asked me the other day what we do with all these sheep - and I am reminded that we raise them for meat. That being said, we will be saying goodbye to Charlie Brown and Linus next week.