Monday, March 16, 2009

We have a Greenhouse!

We finally finished it! A HUGE HUGE thank you to Laura, Keri, Kirsten and Warren for giving their spare time on an early Sunday morning to help us. We were a bit unorganized, but by the middle of the day - we had this!

The plastic is super thick, 6 mil polyethylene film. I hadn't even looked at it until we rolled it out that morning. I must admit that cutting it to do the second layer made me really nervous. But here is a close up of the wiggle wire. It was easier to install than I thought, but you need to be careful not to poke an eye out with this stuff!

From the inside, looking up - you can see the special hardware that attaches the purlin to the bows.

This is a picture of the installed blower motor that keeps the two layers of plastic inflated.

The German Shepherds like the new strip of shade produced on the north side of the greenhouse. You can also see the nylon cabling that runs in a "W" pattern to hold down the roll up sides.

Here's the whole house, before we installed the blower. We didn't get the plastic perfectly tight, but I think that takes some practice and skill.

Here's the inside of my house. Now we need to get to some hoeing and raking and getting those beds ready. One step at a time!

I was planting some seeds over the weekend and had the door propped open for my own comfort. I think I like the view out of the west door - Long's Peak and Mount Meeker. It was a good day to be gardening!