Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lamb # 9

Introducing Arlo - Alice's little lamb. A warning in advance - I got to WATCH this birth. Camera was in hand. So I have some pictures and videos of the birthing process, and poor Alice. I stayed out of the stall, but could tell she didn't like an audience. I think, however, we expected her to bond with the lamb right away, and this poor sheep was just off in la-la-land. While Arlo was trying to get up and walk around, and was shivering, Alice just laid there. OK, maybe she earned the right to a short rest. But instead of waiting for her to snap out of it, Larry went in with a towel and wiped Arlo down a bit, because he seemed so cold, and put him next to Alice to nurse. She still hasn't taken to him a day later, so I think the towel may have been a mistake. It might have affected her ability to bond. Anyhow - here are some pictures and videos of Arlo's entrance to this world - as well as some other pics I took yesterday.

This is Alice in labor. She would get up and rearrange herself between contractions. I don't know if she was just trying to get comfortable, of if I was making her nervous, or if that's just what sheep do...

You can see a little lamb head and a hoof in this picture. The lamb has just broken through the amniotic sac, and you can see it's little tongue.

This was the last push, lamb and sac all came tumbling out.

Here is little Arlo finally on his feet, and trying to figure out where to find food.

Here are some of Arlo's little friends. These guys were having relay races yesterday. They would run out to the pasture, around the water tank, and back to the corral. When they saw me, they all let out a bleat and then ran back out to the field again, taunted the dogs, and then came running back until they saw me. Such little trouble makers. These are the eldest of the lambs - Ginger, Fred, Sparks, Simon and Trouble. Looks like Simon is trying to cause Trouble some trouble...

We also only have a few days left with Charlie Brown and Linus. I got this video yesterday showing the true depth of brotherly love! :)