Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lambs #10 and 11

Cindy has been busy today. She's had 2 lambs (so far) there was at least an hour between lambings, which surprised me. She had enough time to clean off lamb number 1, and let it nurse, before she laid down to have lamb #2. While I sit here typing this, for all I know, she is having lamb #3. Yes, she is that big of a lamb, that we expected triplets, like Marcia had.

Cindy's last push (on lamb #1)

A lesson for Alice - this is what you are supposed to do after a lamb is born... lick it clean (sure glad I didn't have to do that to my little lamb)

Good job Cindy! Another all-white lamb. This one is a ram, and he's all clean and warm now.

An hour or so later, we went back to check on Cindy and her lamb. Atlas knew something else was up - we didn't think there would be that much time between lambs...

but we were wrong. Here is Cindy's second little lamb. We haven't even gone in to see if it is a ewe or a ram yet, and I haven't named either of these guys yet... still thinking and waiting to see if there is a 3rd.

Goliath likes his lambs! Goliath and Larry are hanging out in the sun with Sparks, Freddie, Trouble and Annie.

Little lambs are hilarious! Here is Larry trying to help Arlo nurse from his mother, Alice - while the other lambs play and act silly!

OK - I finally named them: The white male is Bambam, the black ewe is Pebbles. :)