Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mowing the Lawn

Who needs a lawnmower? Larry and I have a push reel mower anyhow - which is good exercise for me. But really, who needs one?

Well, we actually do have "one" - it has a set of 27 blades of varying sizes, fully automatic, and it fertilizes as it mows.

I am putting the push reel into retirement. This lawnmower does a much better job. For the weekend - the sheep get the back yard, as we are still letting the pasture get a good start this spring, we don't want them chomping on the fresh grass just yet. They can have the backyard!

This is Shirley. I am happy she can graze freely. She doesn't need to fight for her share of a big bale of hay. She's a little on the thin side. She had twin rams in September, and triplets earlier this month. Poor thing. We are going to keep her out of the "rotation" this fall. I don't want her to have lambs again until she puts all her weight back on. So she gets to roam the back yard!

Here are all the sheep in the yard. Larry fenced them out of the garden beds, since my tulips are blooming, I didn't want them to eat those, too!

Here is Gertrude and her ram, Simon. IF we keep a ram, he's going to be the one. Gertrude is a very protective momma sheep, and her ram is very very big!

Here is Bam Bam and Pebbles. You can see Bam Bam nomming on a tree. That's not really what we intended, but it's OK.

Here are 3 of the little lambs - Trouble, Fiona and Arlo. We are keeping Fiona. She is Shirley's ewe lamb. She also had 2 ram lambs (Shrek and Donkey). Fiona is the lucky girl that will raise our flock to 12.\

This is also as it should be - we finally got (most) of the chickens out of the barn. Boy was that a fun project last night. We have maybe a dozen more to catch and get out to the pasture. That will be tonight's job. Yay.