Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Killdeer Family

FSee anything in this photo? OK OK, beside the WEEDs..... yeah, me neither.

We've spent weeks planting things next to the greenhouse, being screamed at by a little bird, I think is a Starling. (Margaret corrected me, it's a KillDeer - I knew she would know what type of bird it really is!) This little bird - there are tons of them in our pasture - plays the broken wing game. You can sort of see it in the picture below. I holds a wing out and hops around, crying like it is injured. It tries to trick the animals into thinking it is hurt, so they will come after it. Then it flies away once it gets the animals on it's trail.

What it is doing is leading them away from its nest. I kept playing it's little game to see which direction it was trying to lead me, so I could go the other way and find out where it's nest is.

Once we found it, we couldn't believe how CLOSE to our tomatoes it was. We couldn't believe we hadn't stepped on its nest! It was so close. And we found 4 little spotted eggs in the nest. Thankfully, this spot is fenced off with electric netting, so the dogs can't get to it, or the sheep. Now that we knew where the nest was, we avoided stepping on it.

And yesterday, Larry found these! Little baby birds! Of course, our electric netting can't protect them from hawks and falcons and eagles - but Goliath usually never lets them land near our pasture. So hopefully these little birdies will stand a chance. Just don't eat my cherries!!