Monday, June 22, 2009

New Animals - Chicks and Kitties

So, we got some new animals this month - 2 new barn cats (we still miss you, Marie and Natasha - come home anytime!), Silver Lakenvelder chicks and more Cornish Rock Cross meat chickens!

First - Meet Radley. He is one of our new barn cats. We rescued him from the Longmont Humane Society. He's a very friendly kitty, as you can see here.

And he met the chickens today. I don't think he really cared one way or another....

Our other new kitty is Boo. She came to us from a nice lady who couldn't keep her, and knew she was skittish around strangers, and used to being outside. She is definitly shy, and hides in the cat carrier when she hears us coming. I know she doens't spend all day in here, I can hear her run for it, when I open the barn door! She's really just shy, I can reach in here and pet her. She just prefers things on her own terms. OK, Boo!

We also got some new chicks. The fluffy yellow ones are Cornish Rock Crosses - your typical meat chicken. YUMMY!

The black and white ones are Silver Lakenvelders, egg layers that I have been wanting to get for a while! I can't wait to breed these guys!

In the meantime, I will keep trying to breed the Anconas. This little chick in the middle is sure confusing me... it came from a white egg (or so i thought) so it must have had an Ancona as a mom - and the only roosters we have are Anconas, and one little Buff Cochin? So why does this little chick look so much like a Red Sex Link? We'll have to see what it grows into!