Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New baby chick!

We got our second chick from the incubator last night. WAHOO! The night before, when I put in the protective tray, I swore I saw eggs moving when I put them back in. I thought that two of the eggs were jiggling on their own. Looks like I was right on one of them. In the picture below, you can barely see where the chick first started pecking a hole through its shell. It's a very dirty egg, but I can't wash them before I try to hatch them, because I might make the egg too cold when I wash it, and stop the growth process.

I woke up the next morning to find this - a wet little baby bird just emerged from its shell! I was surprised at how dark the bird was. Granted, its momma is an Ancona - I know this because it came from a pure white egg. Its poppa was probably also an Ancona, but COULD have been a buff cochin bantam (highly unlikely) or that Buff Minorca rooster that I have. Either way, it would be a yellow chick, or a yellow chick with black spots? So we'll just have to see how this one surprises me as it grows up.

Here is is again in the incubator, trying to dry its feathers before we put it out in the world. Apparently, it is admiring Larry's diploma...

Here it is sleeping in the brooder all by itself. Poor birdy. We put it out in the greenhouse during the day with the baby turkeys, but it isn't warm enough in there at night for a day old chick. it'll have to stay with the heat lamps for a few weeks - and by then, our next batch of meat birds and my Silver Lakenvelders will be here, so it won't be alone.

This one should be safe by itself. We don't have cats anymore (come home kitties!) and we build a chicken wire mesh lid for the brooder pen - so no cats can eat them, no birds can swoop off with them, and no hens can peck at them and steal their food!

I will probably name the little rascal Tweety Too!