Friday, October 30, 2009

And Then There Were Four

We laid an old friend to rest today. I would never trade the 15 or 16 years of companionship with a dog because of the heart break of saying goodbye, but it doesn't make it easy. His last days were getting harder. His hind legs hardly worked, he couldn't get up in the morning without help, he fell down a lot, sometimes down the stairs, or out in the snow. He's been relieved of his pain, and his non functioning knees and hips. He can run free wherever he may be. Someday, Athena will be there to join him, just like my Hobbes will some day join Ditka again. Until then, I hope he died knowing he was loved, and that we were letting him go because we loved him so much.

Still, nothing makes goodbye any easier.

Grish and Athena chewing on a "stick" they found on a camping trip in Michigan several years ago.

Grish playing fetch just the other day

Larry and Grish playing fetch in the snow this week

Grish with snow on his nose

Larry and Grish