Monday, December 14, 2009

Glue glorious glue!!! Sigh.... I swear that any time you are building something in a house and the instructions say, "Apply glue here" you are probably doing something wrong. Vinyl is for records not for walking on. Wood and stone are for walking on. Because you were a jackass and installed cheap ass flooring I am going to have scrape and sand my subfloor. Thanks.

Note the black stuff? That is mold. We will get to WHY that is on my floor in a bit. Happily the subfloor nor the studs are damamged, they just have a little mold on the surface. Contrary to what the dude in the vest at Lowes or Home Depot tell you, you cannot clean mold off wood with bleach. (Its long and involved, but bleach will only kill the mold on the surface, when the mold inside the wood comes back, the bleach is gone.) Happily I found some Sodium Carbonate at Lowes and that WILL do the job. It leaves a surface residue that kills the mold that trys to "come back".

More pictures of mold on the studs. I'm so incredibly pissed off at the person who built this tub surround.

This is why I'm so mad. A VAPOR BARRIER!!! ARGHHHH!!!!! OK, lets talk vapor for a bit. A vapor barrier would be fine on the other side of Cement Backer Boards. (known as Cement Building Units or CBU) The problem is, the assbite who built my shower stuck the tile to DRYWALL! Hey dude... if the word Drywall didn't clue you in, there is probably no hope for you. Cement is not "water proof", it simply isn't damaged by water. In fact, a CBU can be soaked, stay soaked, and be so wet it rots the 2x4s that it is attached to and suffer no damage at all..... at least, untill the 2x4s rot away and collapse. That is why you would install a vapor barrier on the other side of a CBU. By using drywall you are saying, "no enough water is going to penetrate the tile (LOL) so I figure this will stay dry". In that case, installing a vapor barrier just ensures that any water that DOES get through the tile totally destroys the dry wall. (I pulled the dry wall off the studs with my hands.... usually one fist full at a time because it was mush) Its like the person who installed my tub surround read a book about how to build things correctly....and then did the opposite.
Strangely enough... they decided that this whole mosture barrier thing was like too hard to do around the waste vent pipe (the big black thing) and so they just quit. ARGHHH!!!! WTF people... either you NEED the moisture barrier or you don't. I can't see any logic that yields, "I need 50% of the tube covered, the rest can have no barrier that will be fine".

So in this next pic, you can see why the wife is so pissed off at me. That is the attic you see under the slanted exterior wall. Yeah... the unheated attic. Exposed to the unheated garage. IE.... its freaking cold. And its pouring cold air into the house. While I write this, I have since fixed the problem by installing unfaced insulation into those interstud spaces. It is much warmer now. (recall the only heat we can afford to run is the wood stove..... only the babies room gets the electrical ceiling heat turned on)