Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Curly Sue

We had another lamb born today. And we now have a rainbow of fruit flavors in our flock! From 2 all white lambs, Marcie and Gabriel, to an all black lamb, Damien - to our typical black and white spotted lambs. We now have a brown and white lamb. Her name is Curly Sue, and her mom is Marcia (not to be confused with Marcie)

Here she is with her mom, Marcia, and being investigated by one of our all white ewe lambs (who is 10 months old), Angel

Born today, sweet little Curly Sue. Isn't she adorable? And what lovely colors!

To see the contrast on how light she is compared to our normal lambs, She's seen here near Veronica (who is nearly all white, but has some spots up front) and Peppermint Patty, who is almost all black. Marcie is in the very front of the shot, one of our all white ones.

We had a slight mystery this past weekend. I went to the barn to play with the sheep. I can't help it. I picked up Damien, who was only 2 days old, and noticed what looked like blood on his neck. Further investigation showed some skin that had torn away from his neck, and something attached - I couldn't tell if it was an abcess, or , ugh, some sort of bug who laid eggs. But he was only 2 days old and it's the middle of winter, how could it be bugs? And how did he get an infection? So we called the vet. She found out it was a stray TOOTH in his neck! She quickly removed it and put him back together. How weird!

And here is a picture of Pinky, truly our barn cat. She rarely leaves the tack room, sleeps on a heated pad, but there isn't a mouse to be seen in the barn! Good job, Pinky. She is very affectionate, and if you go in and say hi, she'll say hi back, sit on your lap, and try to chew your chin.