Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More lambs and the Facts of Life (aka unfortunate reality of raising animals)

Laverne gave birth to twin ewes today - here we have Veronica (against the wall) and Cottontail

Here is another picture of Cottontail and Veronica, with their mom, Laverne.

Jan gave birth to a single ram lamb, Gabriel. Apparently, Jan is prone to giving birth to all white lambs! He does have a light brown spot, like Marcia, on the other side of his face.

This is little Peter - who always thinks I have milk when I come and visit. He stands between my legs and licks at my pants. Good thing Lucy is a mellow mom, she doesn't seem to mind.

and these are our faithful guard dogs, who have to keep a vigil eye over those new lambs. but doesn't it look more like they are guarding the hay right now?

And now for the unfortunate news... things happen. it's a farm. We're generally very lucky - even on days when we are home, we can't be everywhere at once. We've lost turkeys by drowning in the sheep tank, chickens to skunks, grown ewes to copper poisoning from getting into the chicken food. Today we lost a lamb. it's never happened to us, and it's very upsetting. So we said goodbye to Flopsy today.