Monday, January 11, 2010

More Lambs

Here are some picture updates of our newest lambs... And Marlow - just so you can see how big our silly steer is getting.

This is momma Shirley and her two lambs she dropped today. The white one is Marcie, the black and white one is Peppermint Patty. Though, I didn't get a chance to go in the stall and check their sex myself, Larry said he thought it was a girl. I guess that's fitting - since Marcie always called Peppermint Patty "sir", maybe some gender bending on her/his name is OK in this case. The name fits, with the black top, black legs and the white stripe down the middle - Peppermint Patty it is!

Here's Marcie, who has a brown spot on her face in front of her ear. She's so cute! That's fat Alice behind her, not her mom, but who will probably be lambing soon, too.

Here's a close up shot of Peter, Lucy's little lamb from yesterday. Now all I need is a Cottontail, and Flopsy, Mopsy and Peter will all make sense.

Here's momma Lucy with her little Peter. It's a good thing the dogs didn't get involved this year. Last year, Atlas "adopted" Lucy's little orphan Annie, and we had to bottle feed her and convince mom to take her back!

We're expecting more tomorrow. And for the sake of Alice, Jan, Laverne, Cindy, Marcia and Gertrude, I hope they come soon - some of those ewes look about to burst! It's possible, if Peppermint Patty turns out to be a ram, or if Laverne has a ram, we may keep a ram this time around!