Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bathroom Project

So the bathroom project is moving along. Here it is after we installed the insulation, but before we put the drywall up. I am hoping this means my shampoo won't freeze in the winter anymore.

Yes, we put drywall in the shower. Instead of concrete backer board, Larry found this new system. I think Schluter is the company name, and Kurdi is the brand name? I don't know. But it's this orange felty stuff that is supposedly impervious to water. It's supposed to create a total water proof barrier. So here is Larry putting up the mortar that holds up the Kurdi.
He had to drive his butt to Denver to get all the materials. You can't find this stuff at Lowe's or Home Depot.

It was his job to get all of this up, so that I could paint the bathroom. I mean, really, there are no floors down, no doors, no window treatments. Now is the time to paint. But I had to paint around this orange stuff, I couldn't paint beneath it.
So that's one side of the shower. I'll take more pictures, because last night I finished the primer coats. Today I hit the final paint color. And until this is all done, until the tiles go in, here is where my toilet sits

Hello, lonely toilet. Hanging out with the shop vac again? Taking up space in my master bedroom? I know, I don't like it either. Just stay out of trouble for now, OK?