Sunday, March 14, 2010

Barred Rock Chicks

Rocks chicks barred from what? Rocking out? Chicks behind bars? What?

NO, Barred Rocks are a breed of chicken. They are our breed of egg layers for this year. We get a different breed every year, so that when it comes time to cull, we know how old each bird is by its breed, and the year we bought it. We know now that birds have a little less than 3 years of good laying time, so we need to cull before that. Last year, we got Production Reds, this year, we have Barred Rocks. They will be sort of stripey when they are adults.

We also discovered that March, in Colorado, may be WAY too early to bring in baby chicks. We were anxious to get the year going, but it's pretty cold. Even under a heat lamp in their brooder pen, we are losing quite a few, and I don't like it. We put the lambs heat pad down underneath them, so that should help. Hopefully we won't lose anymore.

It's probably the cold, but these are the LOUDEST baby chicks we've ever had! This video freaks out my dogs!