Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It was a fun weekend, full of animals - what else!! Here are a few picture updates of life on the farm.

We finally finished our chicken tent/hut/canoe this weekend. We tried to get all the barred rocks to sleep in it, most of them decided to sleep under the truck, so we have left the truck, so as not to run them over. We need to train them to sleep in their tent. It's a good little, easily movable design we can use for starting broilers (who might stay put) as well as turkeys (who will probably end up sleeping on top of it!)

I hatched two new baby chicks this weekend, and this is one of them. Little black puffballs with white bellies. They came from white eggs, so the moms are Ancona, and I assumed the dad was too, since he was the rooster king (and has since been eaten by coyotes). But I didn't expect them to be so dark.

Three weeks ago, I hatched 3 baby chicks, most likely also having the Ancona Rooster King as their dad. BUT these came from brown eggs, so it could have been a red, a black, a Silver Lakenvelder, or highly unlikely, the Buff Minorca...

And here is just a shot of our favorite steer, Mr. Marlow Cow. We didn't realize how much fun he was, until we met other, larger, less friendly cows. :) We love Marlow!

Meet our newest mammal family member - Bridget. She's a Belted Galloway we bought from a nearby farm. She's 5 weeks old, quite shy, and a bit of trouble to get home. She has a jaw injury right now, that we aren't sure if she incurred in the wrangling process, or if it has anything to do with a recent coyote attack she suffered at her last home. either way, we are getting it checked out. In the 2 days we have had her, she has already calmed down a ton, and lets us pet her now. She likes hanging out with Marlow, and he likes watching over her. So, welcome home, Bridget!