Sunday, September 19, 2010

HOORAY for second opinions

I called our regular bovine vet to come out on Saturday. He was out of town last week when I needed someone to look at Bridget. He came out do put her down, she was so much worse on Saturday.

He did NOT agree with the first vet. He said MCF cows have a lot of drainage from their eyes. He also agreed with what I read about how it is much more rare in cows in the US. So he didn't suspect it. He thought it was chronic pneumonia. He did say, however, that if she wasn't eating, then she would starve to death, and he was preparing to put her down.

I don't know what made me do it. But I grabbed a handful of lilac leaves. Something Marlow LOVES to eat. And I took them to her, I just wanted to pet her and say goodbye. But she started to eat them! She ate them all! The vet said if we could get her to eat, then he would gladly wait a few days to see if she would come around.

So I gave her loads of leaves. I went inside to prepare some more antibiotics and a vitamin shot for her. When i came back outside, she had walked over to a bale of hay and started eating! There was hope!

So, we may not lose Bridget. The light at the end of the tunnel is very faint. She went almost a week without eating, and her temperature is NOT dropping. It was almost 106 this morning. But she's eating. I am hoping, with some more antibiotics, and some food, she'll have the strength to win this one. I'm rooting for her, that's for sure!