Friday, October 22, 2010

New Additions to the Farm

We have some new additions to the farm. It's nice when projects get completed...

Grain Bin

We finally got our grain bin installed! Larry said that we look like real farmers now. We have a grain bin! We are looking forward to the savings in chicken feed. I am also excited about not having to unload 18 bags of chicken food from the truck every week! Now I just have to fill a bucket and take it to the chickens. So, we will keep our eye open for a second bin on craigslist. One for layer ration, one for flock raiser. Then we'll be pretty much stuck on raising birds!The Badger

You have to be familiar with Monty Python to understand why we named this the badger. This is chicken house 2.0. Our first is called the Rabbit. I used to hum the music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail every time we pushed that stupid chicken house around. Eventually, when we put on the doors and egg boxes, we couldn't push it anymore, and had to pull it. This past summer, over time, both doors fell off, one axle broke, and the egg boxes started to fall apart. So, we took one of our dead 1970's era Ford F100's, and made it into the chicken house. I am working on getting it painted this weekend, we have another set of chicken boxes to make, and 4 more perches to put inside. It has a clear roof, so even in the cold, the chickens get sunlight inside, perfect for the winter! As opposed to the Rabbit, this one is sheep and coyote proof. We don't need to haul around chicken fences, as the sheep can't get to the food inside the truck, and when we close the tailgate, the coyotes can't get in either. And with big tires and a truck frame and suspension - it shouldn't get stuck in the mud, either. Hoorah!


OK, so he's not really a farm dog - as in, he isn't meant to herd or to guard. But he's new to us! This is Moose! He's my new companion! After losing Hobbes, I really needed a buddy who would do farm chores with me, and nap by the couch. So i found Moose. They claim he is a Malamute mix (I saw his sister, she was certainly a Malamute mix, she had the right markings). But he's brindle, which is not a super common dog coloring. So we have NO idea what he is. I only suspect that he'll be big and fluffy, which is just what I want! And so far, he's a total DOLL! I love him!