Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chicken House

The chicken house is almost done. We finished the second set of egg boxes this weekend. They are almost done in this image. Of course, that was a few hours before the sheep knocked them all out and we had to put them back in again.

The egg boxes open from the outside, so we don't have to climb in the truck to collect eggs. We need to put latches on the outside of this to ensure clever foxes or coyotes can never figure out that can get in this way.

Here are the egg boxes on the inside.

Of course, the highlight of the new house is the clear roof. This allows light in, even when the chickens are locked in the house. And think of the views the chickens on the top perches will have! And yes, the chickens use all the perches. I see them in there at night, at all levels of the perches. Bonus!

We can close the tailgate at night, and the chickens are all locked in, safe from coyotes. We also close the door during the day, and latch it. We thought that would keep the sheep out and the chickens would go through the little side holes. OOPS! The sheep can jump on the tailgate, and the ram lambs can also fit through the slots. So we need to make those slots smaller to keep the sheep out!!