Friday, December 10, 2010

Dasher and Dancer

Finally, some happy news on the farm!

Jan, who has looked ready to pop for days now, finally found a cozy little corner and laid down to give birth to her lambs. One ram, one ewe. I named them Dasher and Dancer.

I always forget how small and adorable new lambs are. And Jan always has interesting colored lambs! She has given us 2 all white lambs (and we kept Angel, our first). This time, she gave us a typical white with a black head and a few spots here and there, and an almost all black lamb.

So these are the first of the season, and what a way to start healing some of the wounds of losing our Bridget, and my Hobbes, and start filling the barn with happy again!

Trying to get fed! Being born is hard work, it's time to eat!

Shannon and I got a chance to sit down in the stall, and watch Dancer be born! Jan made it look way too easy. She found a comfy spot in the hay, and with 3 pushes, little Dancer tumbled right out.

Dasher is a ram lamb, and he is the white one. Little Dancer is a ewe lamb, and is a pretty black with white spots. She reminds me a lot of Pebbles when she was born. Welcome to our farm, little ones! Great job, Jan!!